4/3/17: Opening day at Citifield….rumor has it that several Dogs requested access to the game….

….and were hired IMMEDIATELY to fill several service & security positions which are crucial to the safety of Citifield patrons, employees & management personnel….(Yes. Dogs KNOW how to get the job done!)….

*****”WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?”!?!?*****

….As for the game, the Mets let THOR & DUDA out!….6s and 7s….

….Great Spirit of Baseball Yogi asked the “Boss” to go to the Field of Dreams Mets’ Opening Day yesterday, and the “Boss” accepted the invitation on the grounds that Yogi accept his invitation to apply for the position of Co-Manager of the Field of Dreams Yankees (Casey Stengel has been waiting for a like-minded Co-Manager)….

….Yogi replied: I already was the Manager, which means that….it ain’t over till it’s over….The “Boss” replied, “Is that the first time you’ve ever said that?”….

….Yogi: No. But before I said it, millions of people said that I said it….

….The “Boss” enjoyed the game yesterday, even though the Mets won (Different score than at Citifield Earth).

Respectfully Yours,








….been almost 11 years….

….Words can’t express the RENAISSANCE that has ELECTRIFIED the Field of Dreams….

….but I’ll try anyway….(Harry Caray’s been letting me know about it….in the form of messages….and now Yogi is too)….

….I’ve NEVER seen a Baseball foul tipped, deflected off of a Catcher’s mask/helmet and propelled into the on deck batter’s helmet ON THE SAME PITCH!….Yogi hadn’t been to the Field of Dreams for very long before that happened….

….Yogi’s from St. Louis….Kansas City’s not very far away (cue in: Missouri)….He went to the Mets because the “Boss” dumped him as the Yankees’ manager before the end of a season….Yogi didn’t go back to Yankee Stadium for about 15 years after that….

….Here’s the MYSTICAL part……….About 10 minutes before that most unusual, extremely RARE pitch, I asked Yogi to give me a sign if he’s watching….(***I’m totally NOT kidding, delusional, OR lying***….I realize that coincidences are very common, but this one was more interesting than the usual ones)….

….For some reason that I can only theorize in terms of Yogi’s recent passing (not long before the Cubs/Mets 2015 NLCS), the Mets went on a torrid, buzz-saw-esque run of lights-out Baseball in the likes of what I’ve never seen them, or maybe any MLB team do in one Playoff series, AND……..(coincidence??)….The Mets player who was the most prolific in that series has the name, “Murphy”….(What did Popeye used to say? “co-inky-denk”)?….

….Who is the G.O.A.T. MLB player in terms of being on the most World Series Championship teams in MLB History?….(co-inky-denk??)….

….What is the name of the most famous “goat” in World History, especially MLB History??….(CO-INKY-DENK!??)….

….Maybe just a couple of famous “goats” BUTTING HEADS in unison to SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL the Baseball Universe?….OR maybe just a, “co-inky-denk”?….

….In order to break “The curse of the Billy Goat”, “MURPHY”, had to make Playoff History….

….coincidence?….”co-inky-denk”?….OR….ANOTHER “Great Spirit of Baseball”, REVERSING A CURSE?….(Murphy’s been to the Cubs’ opening day EVERY year since he’s arrived at the Field of Dreams….ALWAYS in the luxury box with his favorite can of franks & beans….[no can opener necessary….licking his chops usually by the end of the second inning….can & all nowhere in sight]….

….He and Harry are INSEPARABLE….

….every regular season and Playoff game….

….The Field of Dreams Cubs have been VERY successful….

….Being liberated from material bonds ($$$$), greed and the chains of ruthless business can do wonders for those who Love Baseball….

**The “Boss” hasn’t been going to games at the Field of Dreams since he’s been there, but he’s been invited….**….

….Yogi asks him to go, but maybe the “Boss” just needs some time….

*****I do sincerely APOLOGIZE for the tangent, but words can’t express the RENAISSANCE that has ELECTRIFIED the Field of Dreams for the past 13 years or so*****….(So says Harry & Yogi)….

Sincerely & Respectfully Yours,


The Reversal, Part II:The Bambino Enchants “Big Papi”

Good Day Baseball Fans,

Now, to continue with: The Reversal, Part II….

Great Spirit of Baseball, The Bambino, REVERSES THE CURSE:

"What do I do now? Do I banish myself from the field of dreams? Do I slap a curse on the, "Boss"? Do I give the BoSox some magic? Do I redeem myself by slappin’ a curse on the Yankees so that they suffer 87 years without a World Series Championship? Do I make it so that the BoSox win 27 World Series Championships before the Yankees win one?………..Justice must be done……What I must do now is to end my grudge and let the RedSox have a chance to Win the World Series. I’m not gonna make’m win. They’ll earn it when they win…………………………………………….Say! That fella Ortiz is a big ol’ slugger. He can really smack that ball!……And ain’t it kinda poetic that the BoSox fans call him Papi! Ain’t that Spanish for "Daddy?"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Roberto Clemente, Chimes in: "SI SENOR!"

The Bambino lets out a raucous belly laugh: "HAH, HAH, HAH, OH BROTHER, I hope he swats a homer that never hits the ground! Let it fly for 84 years! Those **** Yankees haven’t won it all for 3 years, so they got a head start!"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Ted Williams, perturbed, says: "DON’T SAY ‘HEAD’ Bambino! I’m glad that you finally pulled yours out of your butt!"

The Bambino speaks: "Now it’s time for Ortiz to be the Yankees’ PAPI! OK Pedro, make those **** Yankees get stingers when they saw off their bats! Hey fellas, I’m in the mood to swat some dingers! How bout a game between the Yankees and RedSox Spirits on the Field of Dreams, but now, if it’s OK with Splinter, I’m gonna play for the BoSox!"

Splinter responds: "Oh, allright, as long as you don’t cut the cheese when we’re on the bench waitin’ to hit!"

The Bambino shouts: "Lets blow this joint!"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Harry Caray shouts: "Hey fellas, while we’re at it, how bout ending the curse of the billy goat? The Cubs have suffered longer!"

Splinter replies: "kwitcherbellyakin’ Harry! The RedSox haven’t won the World Series yet!"

*****At the crack of a bat, the Great Spirits of Baseball teleport themselves to the Field of Dreams, and all that’s left behind are the Bambino’s Yankees cap and his bat in monument park.*****

Did you think about how long it will take the Yankees to win their next championship?

The Bambino did.

How bout you, "Boss"?

11/10/6 Respectfully Yours, Bluefish

The Reversal: The Great Spirits of Baseball at monument park

Good Day Baseball Fans,

As we journey through the four month wait for spring training, I’m sure that many baseball fans will be closely watching the transaction news of free agent signings and trades.

As we wait, I would like you to indulge in reading this blog, which will tell a story of what might have ended the most famous of Baseball’s legendary curses: The Curse of the Bambino.

Now, we continue with: The Reversal….

The brisk, October wind, REVERSES course, churning its way through the electricity of the 2004ALCS and into monument park, where the Great Spirits of Baseball have gathered to witness an important event in baseball history….

Great Spirit of Baseball, Ted Williams, breaks the silence:

"So Bambino, can you hear what your fans are chanting?…."Who’s Your Daddy?"/ / /// "Who’s Your Daddy?"/ / ///(Yankee Fans in unison)

How long are you going to let this continue? It’s been 86 years. Is this what you really wanted? Is this the justice that you require for you being sold to the Yankees? Did you really want such humiliation to be inflicted on the RedSox fans, the city, and the team that you won the 1918 World Series with?"

Great Spirit of Baseball, The Bambino, shouts: "Allright Already! You’ve flapped your trap long enough! I never told anyone to rattle on about daddys, I was just P.O.ed about getting sold from the BoSox after all that I did for those bums who shell out the bucks! I played my butt off for those fans! I never meant for them to get ripped by their enemies!"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Lou Gehrig, speaks: "I don’t think it’s all about you Bambino, there’s another cog in the wheel that has been wrenched."

Great Spirit of Baseball, The Bambino, puzzled, replies: "What kind of riddle baloney are you blabbering about, ‘cog in the wheel’ MY BUTT?!"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Ted Williams, opines: "I think I’m readin’ what Gehrig is yappin’ about. It’s the "Boss" who took a wrench to that stinkin’ "cog in the wheel."

The Bambino shoots back: "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR HEAD?!….wait a minute….Your freeloadin’ family put it in cryogenic freeze!"

Ted Williams fires: "Watch it buster, you might put a curse on yourself! Now get your head out of your fat butt before I spike your beer with castor oil, and pour tobasco sauce all over your stinkin’ gas-filled hot dogs!!"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Harry Caray, lays it down: "Hey you pugilists! If you keep yackin’, I’ll start SINGIN’, and I know how much you’d like that!"

    *****A calming silence sends a shudder through the Baseball Universe*****

Harry Continues: "Kwitcherbellyakin’ Splinter! The Cubs have suffered for 10 years more than you, and we can’t reason with a billy goat or a black cat, so, just **** it up!"

Lou Gehrig speaks: "The Splinter’s got it figured out. The "Boss" is the man who screwed it all up. Open your bloodshot eyes Bambino! A 200million$+ payroll every year?? The RedSox try to keep up, but, the "Boss" tries to buy the World Series every stinkin’ year! Baseball has become a ruthless rat race where crooks like the "Boss" make our great game a "business" instead of a sport! The Yankees fans have become infected with the "Boss’s" greed!"

Great Spirit of Baseball, The Bambino…………………….Blinks:

(The Bambino lays down his cap and his bat, listening to the sounds of Baseball becoming a ruthless business as the chant,"Who’s Your Daddy?/ / ///" makes him pause a moment to think about it.)

Hey "Boss", did you think about it?

11/4/6 Respectfully Yours, Bluefish

A creative perspective of baseball karma

Good Day Baseball Fans,

Well…it’s wait till next year for all but two MLB teams. It looked like the Mets would be still playing, but, questionable ball/strike calls in game 5 and the bottom of the 9th inning of game 7, can have a dramatic impact on who moves forward to the fall classic.

*Baseball Spirits Say: Kwitcherbellyakin’ Bluefish!!*

My penance shall be paid in terms of waiting for spring training.

Now, for the purpose of this blog…

The "Who’s Your Daddy" Curse:2004ALCS will be a creative, theoretical, philosophical, comedic, perspective of how to interpret baseball karmic events, mostly the events before, during, and after the event of the, "Who’s Your Daddy?" curse.

If you’re looking for analysis of players, strategy, trades, or any other baseball information that analyzes the game of baseball, you’ll be served better by the many other MLB bloggers that provide intelligent, wise, and professional analysis.

This blog will be like a story of baseball events which pertain to the aforementioned 2004ALCS event.

Now, I shall explain the event…

Close your eyes to slits and squint as you read. Think of Pedro Martinez’s first start at Yankee Stadium in the 2004ALCS. The crowd, buzzing with energy. The popping of Jason Varitek’s catcher’s mitt as Pedro’s fastball thrusts through the brisk, October air. The Yankees fans start creating an unintelligible rhythm, which slowly advances toward being intelligible. What’s the chant? It sounds like……."Who’s Your Daddy?"/ / /// "Who’s Your Daddy?"/ / /// reverberating off of the upper deck, the field level, the "black seats" beyond centerfield, monument park, the press level, through the ears of Pedro Martinez at the pitcher’s mound, and, most notably, throughout the baseball universe and heavens where the Great Bambino shags flies with Shoeless Joe, Moonlight Graham, and many others, while Harry Caray calls the game.

*A hush falls over the field of dreams*

The Great Spirits of Baseball immediately teleport themselves to monument park of Yankee Stadium to observe an important event in baseball history.

"Who’s Your Daddy?"/ / ///"Who’s Your Daddy"/ / ///

*Do you remember the words that Pedro Martinez said during a press conference in 2004?…I can’t quote it exactly, but, I think he said something like, "The Yankees are my Daddy."*

*The Bambino Remembers.*

Which brings us to Yankees fans(just sit and think about it for a moment)mocking a Redsox player, who’s playing on a Redsox team, trying to win a championship for Redsox fans who have suffered through 86 years of not being able to celebrate a Boston Redsox World Series Championship.

Did you think about it?

Think about what the words, "Who’s Your Daddy?" really mean.

It’s about saying to someone, (in terms of a context in which the rival Yankee fans say it),"I’m bigger than you!", "I dominate you!", "You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me!", "You are my child, and will do as I say!", "I OWN You!"

Did you think about it?

It’s the ultimate form of humiliation.

Back in the Bambino’s day, it could start a war.

Back in the days of Alexander Hamilton, it would definitely start a duel.

Back in 2004’s ALCS, it REVERSED the CURSE.

Did you think about it?

The Bambino did.

10/23/6 Respectfully Yours, Bluefish

In memory of Corey Lidle

Welcome to the first posting on this blog.

The domain name and title of this blog were chosen on 10/9/6. I had no idea that two days later, there would be a tragedy that would happen to the MLB community.

My prayers and condolences go out the New York Yankees, and all of the family and friends of Corey Lidle. He touched many lives and will be sorely missed. He played for seven MLB teams with determination and dignity, making many friends in his travels.

10/14/6 Respectfully Yours, Bluefish