A creative perspective of baseball karma

Good Day Baseball Fans,

Well…it’s wait till next year for all but two MLB teams. It looked like the Mets would be still playing, but, questionable ball/strike calls in game 5 and the bottom of the 9th inning of game 7, can have a dramatic impact on who moves forward to the fall classic.

*Baseball Spirits Say: Kwitcherbellyakin’ Bluefish!!*

My penance shall be paid in terms of waiting for spring training.

Now, for the purpose of this blog…

The "Who’s Your Daddy" Curse:2004ALCS will be a creative, theoretical, philosophical, comedic, perspective of how to interpret baseball karmic events, mostly the events before, during, and after the event of the, "Who’s Your Daddy?" curse.

If you’re looking for analysis of players, strategy, trades, or any other baseball information that analyzes the game of baseball, you’ll be served better by the many other MLB bloggers that provide intelligent, wise, and professional analysis.

This blog will be like a story of baseball events which pertain to the aforementioned 2004ALCS event.

Now, I shall explain the event…

Close your eyes to slits and squint as you read. Think of Pedro Martinez’s first start at Yankee Stadium in the 2004ALCS. The crowd, buzzing with energy. The popping of Jason Varitek’s catcher’s mitt as Pedro’s fastball thrusts through the brisk, October air. The Yankees fans start creating an unintelligible rhythm, which slowly advances toward being intelligible. What’s the chant? It sounds like……."Who’s Your Daddy?"/ / /// "Who’s Your Daddy?"/ / /// reverberating off of the upper deck, the field level, the "black seats" beyond centerfield, monument park, the press level, through the ears of Pedro Martinez at the pitcher’s mound, and, most notably, throughout the baseball universe and heavens where the Great Bambino shags flies with Shoeless Joe, Moonlight Graham, and many others, while Harry Caray calls the game.

*A hush falls over the field of dreams*

The Great Spirits of Baseball immediately teleport themselves to monument park of Yankee Stadium to observe an important event in baseball history.

"Who’s Your Daddy?"/ / ///"Who’s Your Daddy"/ / ///

*Do you remember the words that Pedro Martinez said during a press conference in 2004?…I can’t quote it exactly, but, I think he said something like, "The Yankees are my Daddy."*

*The Bambino Remembers.*

Which brings us to Yankees fans(just sit and think about it for a moment)mocking a Redsox player, who’s playing on a Redsox team, trying to win a championship for Redsox fans who have suffered through 86 years of not being able to celebrate a Boston Redsox World Series Championship.

Did you think about it?

Think about what the words, "Who’s Your Daddy?" really mean.

It’s about saying to someone, (in terms of a context in which the rival Yankee fans say it),"I’m bigger than you!", "I dominate you!", "You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me!", "You are my child, and will do as I say!", "I OWN You!"

Did you think about it?

It’s the ultimate form of humiliation.

Back in the Bambino’s day, it could start a war.

Back in the days of Alexander Hamilton, it would definitely start a duel.

Back in 2004’s ALCS, it REVERSED the CURSE.

Did you think about it?

The Bambino did.

10/23/6 Respectfully Yours, Bluefish


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  1. mlblogsthewhosyourdaddycurse2004alcs

    …..”Take me out to the ball…game…….take me out with the crowd……..”…..(Harry Caray didn’t miss a SECOND of the 2016 World Series)…..Too excited to go to Field of Dreams concession stand for a brew…..LOL….Hey Harry….CUBS WIN!…….Where’s Murphy??……

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