The Reversal, Part II:The Bambino Enchants “Big Papi”

Good Day Baseball Fans,

Now, to continue with: The Reversal, Part II….

Great Spirit of Baseball, The Bambino, REVERSES THE CURSE:

"What do I do now? Do I banish myself from the field of dreams? Do I slap a curse on the, "Boss"? Do I give the BoSox some magic? Do I redeem myself by slappin’ a curse on the Yankees so that they suffer 87 years without a World Series Championship? Do I make it so that the BoSox win 27 World Series Championships before the Yankees win one?………..Justice must be done……What I must do now is to end my grudge and let the RedSox have a chance to Win the World Series. I’m not gonna make’m win. They’ll earn it when they win…………………………………………….Say! That fella Ortiz is a big ol’ slugger. He can really smack that ball!……And ain’t it kinda poetic that the BoSox fans call him Papi! Ain’t that Spanish for "Daddy?"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Roberto Clemente, Chimes in: "SI SENOR!"

The Bambino lets out a raucous belly laugh: "HAH, HAH, HAH, OH BROTHER, I hope he swats a homer that never hits the ground! Let it fly for 84 years! Those **** Yankees haven’t won it all for 3 years, so they got a head start!"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Ted Williams, perturbed, says: "DON’T SAY ‘HEAD’ Bambino! I’m glad that you finally pulled yours out of your butt!"

The Bambino speaks: "Now it’s time for Ortiz to be the Yankees’ PAPI! OK Pedro, make those **** Yankees get stingers when they saw off their bats! Hey fellas, I’m in the mood to swat some dingers! How bout a game between the Yankees and RedSox Spirits on the Field of Dreams, but now, if it’s OK with Splinter, I’m gonna play for the BoSox!"

Splinter responds: "Oh, allright, as long as you don’t cut the cheese when we’re on the bench waitin’ to hit!"

The Bambino shouts: "Lets blow this joint!"

Great Spirit of Baseball, Harry Caray shouts: "Hey fellas, while we’re at it, how bout ending the curse of the billy goat? The Cubs have suffered longer!"

Splinter replies: "kwitcherbellyakin’ Harry! The RedSox haven’t won the World Series yet!"

*****At the crack of a bat, the Great Spirits of Baseball teleport themselves to the Field of Dreams, and all that’s left behind are the Bambino’s Yankees cap and his bat in monument park.*****

Did you think about how long it will take the Yankees to win their next championship?

The Bambino did.

How bout you, "Boss"?

11/10/6 Respectfully Yours, Bluefish


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