4/3/17: Opening day at Citifield….rumor has it that several Dogs requested access to the game….

….and were hired IMMEDIATELY to fill several service & security positions which are crucial to the safety of Citifield patrons, employees & management personnel….(Yes. Dogs KNOW how to get the job done!)….

*****”WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?”!?!?*****

….As for the game, the Mets let THOR & DUDA out!….6s and 7s….

….Great Spirit of Baseball Yogi asked the “Boss” to go to the Field of Dreams Mets’ Opening Day yesterday, and the “Boss” accepted the invitation on the grounds that Yogi accept his invitation to apply for the position of Co-Manager of the Field of Dreams Yankees (Casey Stengel has been waiting for a like-minded Co-Manager)….

….Yogi replied: I already was the Manager, which means that….it ain’t over till it’s over….The “Boss” replied, “Is that the first time you’ve ever said that?”….

….Yogi: No. But before I said it, millions of people said that I said it….

….The “Boss” enjoyed the game yesterday, even though the Mets won (Different score than at Citifield Earth).

Respectfully Yours,








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